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Make the Most of Hearing Aid Batteries with These Easy Tips

Hearing aid batteries typically last between two to seven days. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to extend their battery life and save a good amount of money in the process. This blog post will shed light on these tips to help you make the most out of your hearing aid’s batteries.

Make the Most of Hearing Aid Batteries with These Easy Tips

1 – Store Batteries Properly

The number one way to get more out of your hearing aid batteries is to buy quality ones. Hearing aid batteries are made up of zinc-air or mercury and silver oxide. The difference between the two is that zinc-air batteries do not contain mercury, which makes them a better option for the environment. When storing your batteries, make sure that you place them in a place that will keep them safe from heat or moisture.

2 – Keep an Eye on Your Battery Stock

It’s recommended to keep at least two to three extra hearing aid batteries in case you run out. This will help avoid any embarrassing situations in case you need to change your hearing aid batteries in public. In addition to keeping track of when you need to change your batteries, keep an eye on your hearing aid’s power indicator to avoid overusing the battery.

3 – Time Tab Removal Perfectly

It’s important to properly change and remove your batteries from your hearing aid. If you remove the batteries too soon, the battery life will decrease. Do it too late, however, and the batteries won’t get recharged properly, which can render your hearing aid useless. Try to be consistent and change batteries after two to three weeks to maximize their battery life.

4 – Keep the Battery Door Open

Store your hearing aid with its battery door open so that the batteries are able to breathe. This will allow moisture to escape, which will prevent corrosion and preserve the life of the battery. If you are unable to open the battery door, make sure to change the batteries as soon as possible to avoid any damage.

5 – Make Sure Your Hearing Aids Are Kept Clean

To keep your hearing aid working efficiently, make sure to clean it regularly. A dirty battery compartment can create excessive moisture and lead to corrosion. Keeping your hearing aid clean will also ensure that the device performs at its highest potential.

Bonus Tip: Read the Manual

If you’re still having trouble maximizing the life of your hearing aid batteries, take the time to read the manual that came with your device. Most hearing aids today come with a built-in battery tester. If a hearing aid is functioning correctly, the battery tester will display green. If the tester displays pink or red, it indicates that it’s time to change the batteries.


The key to optimizing battery life is to change them when needed. If you start to lose your hearing, you’ll know that it’s time to change your batteries. If you notice any change in sound quality or volume, it’s also a good idea to check your batteries. Trying to maximize the life of your hearing aid batteries can help you enjoy your favorite activities without becoming a burden to the wallet.

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