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The Hearing Aid Fitting Process: What You Need to Know

Thanks to modern technology, comfort has increased exponentially. Even though convenience existed before, it is becoming more commonplace with every update. One group that has grown in leaps and bounds with new technology are the disabled. 

Humans now have a wide range of assistive devices to help make life a bit easier. From smart prosthetic limbs to the common pacemaker, technology is making life easier for everyone, regardless of their disabilities.

One of the most ingenious innovations in the history of modern technologies is that of the hearing aid. This list will go through the steps of the process of how to properly fit a hearing aid to help you gain an idea of how to go about this process for yourself. 

The Hearing Aid Fitting Process: What You Need to Know

1. Assessment of your hearing aid needs

The first step to getting fitted for hearing aids is the assessment of your hearing needs. This assessment can be conducted by a hearing healthcare professional such as an audiologist, a hearing aid dispenser, or a combination of both. The goal of this assessment is to understand your type and degree of hearing loss, along with your preferred listening style. This is done using hearing screening tests, which are a series of questions and tasks relating to your hearing.

2. Hearing test interpretation

The results of your hearing screening will then be interpreted by the hearing healthcare professional, along with your medical history and any information collected in the intake form. This results in a recommendation for what kind of hearing aid technology will work best for you.

3. Hearing aid selection

Once your hearing needs have been determined, you are able to select hearing aids to fit your specific needs. This will require the help of a hearing aid dispenser who can help you pick the right technology based on the results of your hearing screening and the recommendation of the audiologist.

4. Fitting process

Once you have decided on your hearing aids, it’s time to get them fitted. The fitting process will include checking the hearing aid’s fit and feel, along with basic hearing and speech tests.

5. Practice listening

Once you have received your hearing aids and are ready to go, the final step is to practice with them as you learn to use them.

6. Tailoring of options to your lifestyle needs

Once you get your hearing aids, it is extremely important to meet with your audiologist or hearing aid dispenser on a regular basis to ensure that the hearing aids are working properly. He or she will check the accuracy of the hearing aids and make necessary adjustments.


Technology has made way for a much more comfortable life for everyone. The adaptability of the human race to create a more comfortable life has been remarkable. The hearing aid is one of the most important technological innovations that has come along in a long time. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of hearing by getting tested, as it may be the difference between a life and death situation.

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