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How to Deal With Temporary Hearing Loss

The ability to listen to calming sounds is a fantastic experience. You can hum to the lyrics of your favourite song, be attuned to the waves crashing into the seashore, or be serenaded by the chirping birds in the morning. As part of the five senses, this ability must not be taken for granted. You must make sure that you do not abuse it if you want to avoid experiencing hearing loss.

Anyone can experience temporary hearing loss, but those who are exposed to loud noises or nursing an ear infection are most likely to deal with this condition. Ideally, your sense of hearing will return after one or two days. Seek medical attention if the hearing loss persists beyond that.

One ear or two?

You’ll be more likely to hear again if the temporary loss happened on both ears. In contrast, sudden deafness in one ear requires immediate treatment before the situation gets permanent. Instead of treating it at home that can increase the risks of further damage, you should consult an expert immediately.

Treating temporary hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss happens when you are at a concert or shooting range without ear protection. If this happens to you, stay away from loud noises to give your ears a rest. The normal hearing must be back within a day or two. If your hearing doesn’t return, it could mean more severe hearing injury, and you must seek medical attention immediately.

Don’t forget to bring ear protection materials when going to a loud setting again. Wear earplugs during concerts or fireworks displays and hearing aid when dealing with deafening equipment, such as firearms, snowmobiles, or motorcycles. Likewise, drinking high doses of aspirin over time can also lead to hearing loss.

Ear canal blockage

Your ear canal may be blocked by earwax which traps smaller particles like dust before it can irritate the eardrum. The earwax can be impacted if it does not fall out naturally. Have a professional remove them to avoid infection. Consult your physician if you are feeling pain from the blocked ear or if the condition occurred with a stiff neck, splitting headache, and high fever.

Swimmer’s ear

People who immerse themselves in water can experience a swimmer’s ear. When water remains in your ear, you must take it out. If not, the water will infect your outer ear canal. Scratches caused by a hairpin or cotton swabs can lead to the same condition as well. If you seek treatment early, your hearing can return to normal.

Diagnosis for hearing loss

Experts will determine the cause by asking you questions about your health first. This procedure can help filter whether your current physical status is a contributing factor to hearing loss. After this, your ears will be examined for abnormalities, and you will undergo a hearing test. Some hearing loss cases may require advanced procedures or a follow-up appointment from your otolaryngologist.

It’s important to determine the cause of temporary hearing loss because the situation can be worse. Some cases may not be corrected and will lead to permanent loss. However, keeping in touch with a hearing center as early as possible can help determine whether or not the loss is reversible.
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