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A Horizon Hearing specialist presenting a behind-the-ear hearing aid, emphasizing the importance of regular hearing aid maintenance for optimal performance.

Maintenance Can Prevent the Need for Hearing Aid Repairs

At Horizon Hearing, we understand the world of sound is vital to you, and our hearing aids are designed to bring that world closer. Utilizing fundamental components, our digital hearing aids—powered by dependable batteries, regular or rechargeable—are engineered for clarity and convenience.

Sound Processing, Amplification, and You

Environmental sounds are picked up by miniature, sensitive microphones and then converted into digital signals. Our advanced computer chips with amplifiers take these signals, adjust them based on your unique hearing loss and listening needs, and the sound level around you. Then, transformed back into sound waves by the speakers, these signals are delivered into your ears with precision.

Why Regular Maintenance is Key

Maintenance is not just a recommendation; it’s a requirement for avoiding repairs and ensuring your hearing aids function optimally.

Here are the proactive steps we at Horizon Hearing suggest to enhance your audio experience:

Avoid Humid or Warm Environments

Take your hearing aids out when it’s hot and humid to keep them dry and free of moisture. Rust will result from moisture corroding the hearing aid’s interior components. If this occurs, repairs will be required.

Therefore, removing them and putting them in the proper case will ensure avoiding repairs.

Invest in Proper Cleaning Supplies

You may prevent repairs by using the proper cleaning supplies and cleaning your hearing aids frequently. They may be kept in their optimum shape by using cleaning wipes and wax removal equipment.

Keep Them Properly Stored

The proper storage is crucial to keeping your hearing aids in good working order. Your hearing aids will be kept safe from damage and damp with a dry, protected, and dehumidified case.

Inactive Devices Should Be Turned Off

Make sure to switch them off whenever you remove them to store them, such as when you sleep or take a shower. They might not be technologically advanced enough to turn themselves off if you don’t turn them off. They will lose power as a result.

You must keep your hearing aid battery in good condition if you want to prevent it from flattening or rusting. Your hearing aids’ performance will be hampered by poor battery quality, forcing you to have them repaired. As a result, always remember to turn them off while not in use.

Frequently Check the Ear Hooks and Earmolds

The hearing aid’s ear hook and earmold are its external components, both of which require maintenance. Damage to them may make the hearing aid uncomfortable because it won’t fit tightly. Additionally, it may degrade your audio experience. They will eventually need to be repaired so you can improve your comfort and sound quality.

To maintain these external elements in the greatest possible condition, check them regularly.

Consult an Audiologist

Another step in maintaining your hearing aids is scheduling routine appointments with your audiologist. They will thoroughly examine the hearing aid’s internal components to ensure everything is in functioning order.

Attending these examinations will guarantee that the hearing aids won’t break and require repairs.

Optimize Your Hearing Aid Care with Horizon Hearing: Expert Maintenance and Repair Services in Winnipeg

You may avoid repairs by giving your hearing aids some basic care and maintenance. It is effective to regularly clean, store, turn off, and inspect their external parts to keep them in the best condition possible.

An audiologist can examine their internal components and general operation to ensure that they are in working order, after which you can prevent further repairs. Horizon Hearing can help you with hearing aid maintenance. We use the latest equipment to fit clients with the ideal hearing aid properly. We also offer hearing tests, hearing aid consultations, and hearing aid repair.

Explore improved hearing with our team of certified hearing instrument specialists equipped with the latest technology to diagnose and repair your device, ensuring optimal performance. Don’t ignore hearing aid issues; reach out today for expert advice for hearing aid maintenance and professional hearing aid repair services. Explore our trade-in options and find out how we can help you hear clearly again.

Remember, taking prompt action can save you time and ensure your device serves you well for years to come. Visit Horizon Hearing Centres now and let us take care of your hearing aid needs.

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