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From Childhood to Senior Years: Why Regular Hearing Tests Matter

Hearing loss can significantly impact your quality of life. It influences how you feel, think, and interact with friends and family, and how you perform at work daily. Most importantly, it affects how much you enjoy life. Fortunately, in most cases, hearing loss is treatable.

While not all hearing loss can be reversed—particularly when caused by nerve damage and classified as permanent—many cases can be effectively managed with hearing aids and/or cochlear implants.

Lifestyle choices also play a significant role in hearing loss. Exposure to excessive noise, certain medications, and a buildup of earwax can worsen hearing loss. Additionally, alcohol and recreational drugs can adversely affect your hearing.

Regular visits to your hearing care provider are essential to prevent hearing loss and catch it early when it’s easier to address. Hearing tests are not only quick and painless but can also provide peace of mind, knowing that your hearing health is being monitored by professionals. So, when is the best time to get a hearing test?


The Ideal Age to get Regular Hearing Check-Ups


Children: It’s never too early to begin preventing hearing loss. Children can start having hearing tests as early as six months old. Regular hearing tests are an excellent way to monitor their hearing development.

Teenagers: Unlike adults, children do not usually suffer from hearing loss as a result of aging, but some childhood illnesses and injuries can cause hearing loss.

While this is rare, and most hearing loss is normal, parents should have their children’s hearing tested regularly by a hearing care specialist, especially if they have a family history of hearing loss.

Adults: The best time to get a hearing test is the same time you get your vision test—every two years. That’s because age is the biggest risk factor for hearing loss.

Since hearing loss can impact communication and overall quality of life, regular hearing tests become more important as you age. With that in mind, here are some benchmarks to consider:

Age 20: Young adults can already develop hearing loss due to various factors, so it’s important to start getting regular hearing tests to monitor your ear health as you grow older.

Age 30-40: Hearing issues often start in the 20s, so being proactive with hearing tests in your 30s and 40s is wise. Frequent exposure to loud environments, like concerts or clubs, can lead to earlier hearing loss.

Age 40—50: By this age, using hearing protection becomes essential. Most people begin experiencing hearing loss in their 40s, but by the age of 50, hearing loss is common among adults.

Age 50—60: This period marks the peak of hearing loss. More than 50% of people begin experiencing hearing loss by age 60, but by the age of 65, 80% of adults experience some level of hearing loss.

Age 60—70: This is the time when you should start using hearing aids, if necessary.

Remember, there’s a range of factors that can affect how quickly—or slowly—you develop hearing loss. But regardless of your circumstances, the earlier you start taking care of your hearing, the better chance you have of preventing hearing loss.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Setting Regular Hearing Tests

To help prevent hearing loss, it’s crucial for those at risk—especially men—to have a hearing test at least every two years, starting at age 20.

Your hearing care specialist can also recommend simple changes you can implement at home to protect your hearing. These include turning down the volume on your radio or television and avoiding excessively loud environments like concerts.

The earlier you start taking care of your hearing, the better chance you have of preventing hearing loss.

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