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LiNX from GN ReSound

The LiNX from GN ReSound provides superior speech understanding and is the first hearing device made for the iPhone.

Frequency Compression

New Sound Shaper ™ technology improves the ability to hear speech cues while maintaining superior sound quality.

Twice the Power

The new SmartRange ™ technology provides twice the power of ReSound LiNX’s previous chip platform with a dual core chip equipped with 3rd generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

New Ultra Power receiver

The new receiver on the LiNX allows fitting for severe profound hearing losses and have been redesigned with new gain settings to enable higher performance.

Moisture & Debris Shields

The popular iSolate ™ coating has been extended to the receiver and offers protection from wax, moisture and dust.

Easier Transitions

With the Binaural Adaptation Manager ™ gain is applied gradually and the 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows for seamless coordination between hearing instruments.

Binaural Directionality

Expect better speech understanding and a natural sense of surroundings in noisy environments.


Direct connection to Apple devices and ReSound Unite ™ accessories.

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