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Dynamo by Oticon

For those with severe to profound hearing loss, experience clear sound quality with Oticon’s Dynamo.

Speech Rescue

Dynamo takes the high frequencies that often go lost – such as ‘s’ and ‘th’ sounds – and moves them to a lower frequency range that you can hear. As a result, your brain gets access to the full spectrum of sounds, rescuing speech cues that would otherwise be lost and giving you a more complete sound experience.


Use your Dynamo as a personalized, hands-free headset with Oticon’s ConnectLine. Using the signal from your phone, mobile, MP3, PC or TV you can send it wirelessly to your ears.

Speech guard e

Speech Guard E will help you perceive speech more clearly throughout the day and make it easier for your brain to decode what people are saying, even in noisy environments.

Inium Sense Feedback shield sp

Dynamo hearing aids give you maximum hearing power without compromising on sound quality, thanks in large part to our Inium Sense feedback shieldSP. This new and effective feedback control system lets you enjoy everyday life without worrying about annoying – and sometimes embarrassing – whistling.

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